Forget multiple remote controls, now the complexity of operating several devices can all be hidden behind one button.

Jaz Automation configures each component of your system automatically, so one touch of a button can easily activate multiple commands. You don't have to figure out how to connect systems, Jaz does the thinking for you.

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energy management

energy management

Jaz has a fully integrated energy management component and an extensive range of tools to assist in energy monitoring and management.

A rich collection of reports and graphs is provided to assist in maximising the efficiency of your operation.

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Jaz Reports provide real-time data on all your energy usage. You can view energy by appliance, by data by day, month, year and compare current use with average use.

Clear visual displays also indicate which rooms and devices use the most energy, for better energy management. Jaz Reports also encompass individual appliances to provide better insight on energy usage.

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